Libero Search New Items List of search items. en-us LIBERO, Pty Ltd. Thu, 05 Aug 2021 09:18:18 GMT 5 Never touch a panda! / Shelf: JE BOARD<br />Author: Lynch, Stuart<br />Year: 2020<br /> The secret journal / Shelf: JF SIE<br />Author: Sieveking, Laura<br />Year: 2020<br /> Shockingly good stories / Shelf: JF SPR<br />Author: Spratt, R. A.<br />Year: 2021<br /> The caravan at the edge of doom / Shelf: JF BEC<br />Author: Beckett, Jim<br />Year: 2021<br /> Blessed / Shelf: 791.45 DOY<br />Author: Doyle, John<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Amelia Six : an Amelia Earhart mystery / Shelf: JF GRA<br />Author: Gray, Kristin L.<br />Year: 2021<br /> Medical medium cleanse to heal : healing plans for sufferers of anxiety, depression, acne, eczema, lyme, gut problems, brain fog, weight issues, migraines, bloating, vertigo, psoriasis, cysts, fatigue, PCOS, fibroids, UTI, endometriosis andamp; autoimmune / Shelf: 613.26 WIL<br />Author: William, Anthony<br />Year: 2020<br /> Little Zebra is very kind / Shelf: JE BOARD<br />Author: Robaard, Jedda<br />Year: 2021<br /> Musical mystery / Shelf: JF SIE<br />Author: Sieveking, Laura<br />Year: 2020<br /> Rainfish / Shelf: JF PAT<br />Author: Paterson, Andrew<br />Year: 2021<br /> Girls in boysand#39; cars / Shelf: YA CAS<br />Author: Castagna, Felicity<br />Year: 2021<br /> Never touch the dinosaurs / Shelf: JE BOARD<br />Author: Greening, Rosie<br />Year: 2019<br /> Goodnight, Thomas / Shelf: JE BOARD<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Soil : the incredible story of what keeps the earth, and us, healthy / Shelf: 577.57 EVA<br />Author: Evans, James Matthew<br />Year: 2021<br /> New girl / Shelf: JF SIE<br />Author: Sieveking, Laura<br />Year: 2020<br /> The way of integrity : finding the path to your true self / Shelf: 158.1 BEC<br />Author: Beck, Martha Nibley<br />Year: 2021<br /> Worst. Holiday. Ever / Shelf: JF HIG<br />Author: Higson, Charles<br />Year: 2021<br /> Sleepless / Shelf: AF HAU<br />Author: Hausmann, Romy<br />Year: 2021<br /> False witness / Shelf: AF SLA<br />Author: Slaughter, Karin<br />Year: 2021<br /> The disappearing act / Shelf: AF STE<br />Author: Steadman, Catherine<br />Year: 2021<br /> Ariaand#39;s travelling book shop / Shelf: AF RAI<br />Author: Raisin, Rebecca<br />Year: 2021<br /> The other black girl / Shelf: AF HAR<br />Author: Harris, Zakiya Dalila<br />Year: 2021<br /> The newcomer / Shelf: AF WOO<br />Author: Woollett, Laura Elizabeth<br />Year: 2021<br /> The story of Australia : for the young (and the curious) / Shelf: J 994 WAT<br />Author: Watson, Don<br />Year: 2021<br /> All day baking : savoury, not sweet / Shelf: 641.5 JAM<br />Author: James, Michael<br />Year: 2021<br /> Welcome to the madhouse / Shelf: CD T<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Mortal kombat / Shelf: MOVIE M<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Military wives / Shelf: MOVIE M<br />Author: <br />Year: 2020<br /> Great White / Shelf: MOVIE G<br />Author: <br />Year: 2020<br /> Rogue asset / Shelf: AF MCD<br />Author: McDermott, Andy<br />Year: 2021<br /> Dream girl / Shelf: AF LIP<br />Author: Lippman, Laura<br />Year: 2021<br /> The third grave / Shelf: AF JAC<br />Author: Jackson, Lisa<br />Year: 2021<br /> Get back in your books! / Shelf: JE M<br />Author: Mather, Rory H.<br />Year: 2021<br /> Pig the monster / Shelf: JE B<br />Author: Blabey, Aaron<br />Year: 2021<br /> Fart and Burp are superstinkers / Shelf: JE F<br />Author: Foster Blake, Zoƫ<br />Year: 2021<br /> Rainbow Grey / Shelf: JF AND<br />Author: Anderson, Laura Ellen<br />Year: 2021<br /> Red vs Blue / Shelf: JF TED<br />Author: Tedesco, James<br />Year: 2021<br /> Across the sea / Shelf: JF DO<br />Author: Do, Anh<br />Year: 2021<br /> Secrets of a Fortnite fan / Shelf: JF ROB<br />Author: Robson, Eddie<br />Year: 2021<br /> The adventure begins / Shelf: JF SEL<br />Author: Selfors, Suzanne<br />Year: 2019<br /> Mega monster / Shelf: JF WAL<br />Author: Walliams, David<br />Year: 2021<br /> Miles Morales. Shock waves / Shelf: JGN REY<br />Author: Reynolds, Justin A.<br />Year: 2021<br /> The puzzling pearls / Shelf: JF SIB<br />Author: Siberry, Lisa<br />Year: 2021<br /> Something I said / Shelf: JF SMI<br />Author: Smith, Ben Bailey<br />Year: 2021<br /> When days tilt / Shelf: JF GIN<br />Author: Ginnane, Karen<br />Year: 2021<br /> Follow me / Shelf: AF CLA<br />Author: Clarke, Angela<br />Year: 2015<br /> The Comfort Book / Shelf: 158.1 HAI<br />Author: Haig, Matt<br />Year: 2021<br /> The other side of beautiful / Shelf: AF LOC<br />Author: Lock, Kim<br />Year: 2021<br /> Songbirds / Shelf: AF LEF<br />Author: Lefteri, Christy<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Shadow / Shelf: AF PAT<br />Author: Patterson, James<br />Year: 2021<br /> The good wife of Bath : a (mostly) true story / Shelf: AF BRO<br />Author: Brooks, Karen<br />Year: 2021<br /> The tribute / Shelf: AF BYR<br />Author: Byron, John<br />Year: 2021<br /> Private rogue / Shelf: AF PAT<br />Author: Patterson, James<br />Year: 2021<br /> Catch us the foxes / Shelf: AF WES<br />Author: West, Nicola<br />Year: 2021<br /> Better Homes and Gardens (2021) Shelf: PE<br />Author: <br />Year: <br /> The clockmakerand#39;s wife / Shelf: AF WOO<br />Author: Wood, Daisy<br />Year: 2021<br /> The missing girl / Shelf: AF MCG<br />Author: McGinnis, Kerry<br />Year: 2021<br /> The eighth wonder / Shelf: AF FAR<br />Author: Farrelly, Tania<br />Year: 2021<br /> The nameless ones / Shelf: AF CON<br />Author: Connolly, John<br />Year: 2021<br /> Parental as anything : a common-sense guide to raising happy, healthy kids - from toddlers to tweens / Shelf: 649.1 DEN<br />Author: Dent, Maggie<br />Year: 2021<br /> Daughter of the river country / Shelf: 305.89 OBR<br />Author: O'Brien, Dianne<br />Year: 2021<br /> Men without country : the true story of exploration and rebellion in the South Seas / Shelf: 996.18 CHR<br />Author: Christian, Harrison<br />Year: 2021<br /> 138 dates : the true story of one womanand#39;s search for everything / Shelf: 306.73 CAM<br />Author: Campbell, Rebekah<br />Year: 2021<br /> A doctor in Africa / Shelf: 618.5 BRO<br />Author: Browning, Andrew<br />Year: 2021<br /> The jungle doctor : the adventures of an international wildlife vet / Shelf: 636 BUI<br />Author: Buiting, Chloe<br />Year: 2021<br /> Ngumbaay ngarru : Just one bee / Shelf: JE L<br />Author: Lamond, Margrete<br />Year: 2020<br />